About Phenofornia

Phenofornia is the #1 trusted provider and marketing network for cannabis seeds and clones for sale online. We spend the time dedicating our lives to the passion of the cannabis plant. By combining our highly professional business integrity and our expert skill set for the cultivation of cannabis we’ve sprouted and grown to become California’s prime chose for cannabis clones for sale. We don’t let outside or internal distractions preoccupy our workload, which gives us the opportunity to meet production needs to fully service the entire state of California with THE BEST MARIJUANA CLONES FOR SALE ONLINE

How do we do it?

Phenofornia serves California as an intricate network of breeders and nurseries that focuses on the best and hottest new phenotypes of cannabis clones that continue to impress the public masses.

Established in 2016, for over the last 3 years we’ve been making an everlasting impression with our high THC clones and exotic genetics that are delivered fully rooted and pest-free; using only OMRI listed treatments to keep our plants clean and our customers safe and satisfied. With the knowledge base of over 30 years, our breeders and nurseries have veteran experience and have learned through trial and error to bring you visually aesthetic, palate-pleasing and astonishingly aromatic phenotypes that keep our customers coming back to fill their legal grows.

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Legendary Results

There’s an old saying: “quality over quantity” and Phenofornia adheres to that one hundred per cent. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry with our pristine clones, upmost business service and cultivation techniques. Whether you’re looking for indica clones, hybrid clones, or Sativa clones for sale, they only leave our facilities fully rooted and pest free.

Our customer service team is highly trained to provide you with answers to all your questions in a transparent and concise manner. Here at Phenofornia, we amplify the industry standard to the highest degree, to provide as an exemplary nursery network and to continue to provide you with the most phenomenal phenotypes in California.